Audio Pains

Published on 2020-09-30 00:00:00 +0000

Using information found on the web, I created a C# script that was able to send externally created mp3 files to via Unity, which was resulting in the output below (~1hr). Image The next step was to make it so that I could send Unity created audio files through this interface as well, with minimal changes. The library I found converts AudioClips to wav format. Inside Unity, it was failing to send the file, however, I could send it through the terminal and get the expected response. Image Image This lead to me undoing the saving and just trying to send through a previously created wav file in Unity. I tried to troubleshoot this issue and was unable to figure out a reason (~6hr). Therefore I started to investigate converting the audioclip to mp3. Everything I could find for free required the audio clip to already be in wav format, which was untrue of my created recording (~1hr). Therefore I turned to converting the saved wav file to mp3 using the CSAudioConverter library (~4hr). I ran into an error I could not make sense of, and now am waiting on their support to get back to me.