It's Coming Along

Published on 2020-11-18 00:00:00 +0000

Modifying To Use Windows Cortana

Following the advice from last week, I started by setting up a script with compilation directives to limit the Unity Windows Speech commands to Windows builds only. Inside these directives, I set up the DictationRecognizer which turns speech to text, and it has a delegate for calling an assigned function that takes in the text generated by the system (Understanding and setting this up took an hour). I then had to adjust my troop controller to take a string instead of the wit responses it did before, which took six hours as I had to change basically everything inside it as well as adjust the names of certain objects. This enabled me to see my work for attacks, and decide how to adjust.

More Attack Work

I spent 30 minutes adjusting the tank attack so that it appears as below. Image

Afterwards I spent 30 minutes adjusting the squad unit’s attack to appear as below. Image

In-Game UI

Next I began to build a in-game UI for the purpose of giving feedback when commands don’t work. Using the Event Bus from 494, I set up a pub/sub system to handle the transmitions, and this system can also be used for the tutorial (2.5 hours). An example of what happens when it goes off is included below. Image


I then began turning the background of the name bubbles to be the health bar which took half an hour and look like this: Image

After this I started implementing death and stumbled upon a funny bug that launched my enemy into space. Image

After successful implementation of death I fixed this bug and a few others I’ve found as well.